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    1. AZJ-A Gravure Printing MachineIt is ideal for the multicolor, one-off, and continuous printing of various materials, such as BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper rolls, and the film rolls featuring outstanding printing performance. Moreover, this product gives wide applications in all kinds of high-end prints.
    1. AZJ-B Gravure Printing MachineIts maximum printing speed reaches 150m/min. The last-color printing unit takes advantage of the height-increasing type drying oven, which can provide outstanding drying effect, allowing prints to dry fast and neatly.
    1. AZJ-C Gravure Printing MachineDifferent from the AZJ-A series machine, this series printing press comes with a compensation roller that moves up and down for easier, more accurate control. Therefore, the resulting print may be more impressive.
    1. AZJ-E Gravure Printing MachineThe maximum speed is 230m/min, allowing this printing press to handle large print runs. Better yet, this product is installed with 7 motors. Its gear can offer extremely good rigidity and ultra high rotation accuracy.
    1. High-Speed Flexo Printing MachineIts maximum printing speed reaches 150m/min. This machine adopts the flexible photosensitive resin and the rubber as the substrate. It depends on the anilox roller to transfer the ink, and the liquid ink is utilized to print the printing stock.
    1. Two Color Flexo Printing MachineModel: YT-2600/ YT-2800/ YT-21000
      Effective Printing Width: 560mm/ 760mm/ 960mm
      Max. Width of Substrate: 600mm/ 800mm/ 1000mm
    1. Four Color Flexo Printing MachineModel: YT-4600/ YT-4800/ YT-41000
      Effective Printing Width: 560mm/ 760mm/ 960mm
      Max. Width of Substrate: 600mm/ 800mm/ 1000mm
    1. Six Color Flexo Printing Machine Model: YT-6600/ YT-6800/ YT-61000
      Effective Printing Width: 560mm/ 760mm/ 960mm
      Max. Width of Substrate: 600mm/ 800mm/ 1000mm
    1. GF-A Dry Laminating MachineThe gluing and laminating processes take advantage of the dual motor, which allows the dual frequency to be varied synchronously, and also substitutes for the conventional shaft transmission structure.
    1. GF-AC Dry Laminating Machine Our GF-AC series dry laminating machine is a cost-effective product with the maximum laminating speed of 130m/min.Its drying oven is 9m long, which is longer than that of the traditional laminator. For this reason, our product can offer more thorough drying and higher laminating speed.
    1. GF-C Dry Laminating MachineIn use of this product, the web can be replaced automatically. Our machine can work continuously, and then save much labor cost and time. Also, it can offer ultra high speed, and then greatly improve the working efficiency.
    1. GF-D Dry Laminating MachineIt is also applied in the production of high-quality packaging materials which require for high strength, superb freshness protection, strong steam resistance, and some others. This system is a high-speed machine, and its maximum laminating speed reaches up to 180m/min.
    1. FQ-LB Vertical Slitter RewinderWith regard to the structure, both rewind and unwind tension are automatically controlled. Then, the tension can be guaranteed to be uniform and stable. In addition, the web does not deviate from the normal route.
    1. FQ-WA Horizontal Slitter RewinderThe most prominent characteristics of this universal type product lies in its extremely convenient operation, smooth material transfer, easy material stretching, as well as the large working space.
    1. FQ-GB High Speed Slitter RewinderOur FQ-GB series high speed slitting and rewinding machine is built to slit and trim various materials according to different requirements. It works great with all kinds of material rolls, such as BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper, and some others.
    1. T-Shirt Bag Making MachineThe renowned-brand frequency control system can work smoothly. It is provided with the direct current control system, or various protective functions such as the non-scheduled current load, over-current, under-voltage, and more. Additionally, this machine can stop working automatically in case of overload.
    1. DFL Bags-on-Roll Making MachineThe electronic eye tracking technology is adopted to guarantee the precise position of the pattern printed on the bag. The length of a bag can be adjusted by a computer numerical control system upon request. Once a problem occurs during the printed bag making process
    1. GJHD Vest Carrier Bag Making MachineThe length is fixed through a microcomputer, thus providing small error. With a high degree of automation, the whole machine is extremely ideal for the production of various flexible packaging plastics, such as the white bags, colorful bags, plain clear bags, vest carrier bags, and some others.
    1. FQU Dome Shrink Bag Making MachineThe length can be fixed arbitrarily. The photo-electric tracking technology allows the step length to be tracked accurately and smoothly. The material is transferred by adoption of the photo-electric control system.
    1. YTQB-700/800 Bubble Bag Making MachineAdditionally, this product is really convenient to be used. It is also flexible and smooth to be adjusted. By adoption of the PLC system and human-computer interface, our equipment allows the production process to be fully automated.
    1. Three Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film LineThis product is able to continuously blow and produce all kinds of packaging films with the thickness of 0.08mm, and the folding width of 800 or 1500mm. These packaging films can be made from such materials as LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE, and PA.
    1. SJ-MB HDPE/LDPE Film Blowing MachineBoth cylinder and screws of its extruder are made from superior-quality alloy steel. They have gone through both nitrogen treatment and precise processing process. As a result, they are provided with the optimal hardness and great corrosion resistance.
    1. Double-Head Film Blowing MachineOur double-head film blowing machine serves to manufacture all sorts of plastic films, including the low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), and some others. It can be widely applied in diversified packaging industries, such as the vest carrier bags, plain clean bags, food, garments, and the textile industry, among others.
    1. SJ-MA HDPE/LDPE Film Blowing MachineThe auxiliary equipment, platform railing and workbench are utilized to make the whole operation pretty convenient. The winding machine takes advantage of the torque motor, which helps maintain the proper tension. Furthermore, it allows the rewind to be organized, and also makes the roll to be changed conveniently.
    1. SJ-HL HDPE/LDPE Film Blowing MachineOur SJ-HL HDPE/LDPE film blowing machine features the optimum hardness and corrosion resistance. Both cylinder body and screws of its extruder are made from superior alloy steel, which have gone through both nitrogen treatment and precision machining process.