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    1. AZJ-A Gravure Printing MachineIt is ideal for the multicolor, one-off, and continuous printing of various materials, such as BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper rolls, and the film rolls featuring outstanding printing performance. Moreover, this product gives wide applications in all kinds of high-end prints.
    1. AZJ-B Gravure Printing MachineIts maximum printing speed reaches 150m/min. The last-color printing unit takes advantage of the height-increasing type drying oven, which can provide outstanding drying effect, allowing prints to dry fast and neatly.
    1. AZJ-C Gravure Printing MachineDifferent from the AZJ-A series machine, this series printing press comes with a compensation roller that moves up and down for easier, more accurate control. Therefore, the resulting print may be more impressive.
    1. AZJ-E Gravure Printing MachineThe maximum speed is 230m/min, allowing this printing press to handle large print runs. Better yet, this product is installed with 7 motors. Its gear can offer extremely good rigidity and ultra high rotation accuracy.

Gravure Printing Machine

This rotogravure printing machine is made by Zhejiang Fangbang, a major player in Chinese intaglio printing industry for 14 years. We put great value in the quality of both products and workers.

1. This gravure printing machine features a two-axle doctor blade, providing great rigidity and a good wipe. The blade moves along the axial direction, and it does not wear out easily.

2. The hot air blows evenly out of the drying oven through multiple nozzles, allowing printing inks to dry fast and neatly. The resulting print pattern looks beautiful and natural.

3. The gearbox of our gravure printing machine is built in-house by our own craftsmen, whereby its quality can be well guaranteed. The gear is machined on specialized gear grinding machine, which offers high precision.

4. Inside the rotogravure printing machine, advanced tension system maintains precise control of web tension. Due to the equal tension everywhere, this system can offer smooth operation during printing process.

5. Our guide roller has gone through the dynamic balancing process, which can not only guarantee the low moment of inertia, but also be a great addition to the tension system. After the printing process is completed, the film will be stretched. Then, it will be sent to the dryer, where cold air will restore the film to the original condition. This procedure is beneficial to the printing of the next color.

6. Due to the use of pneumatic press, the impression pressure can be adjusted. Moreover, the pressure on the entire printing surface is uniformly distributed. Also, the printing pressure remains the same across the width of the printing surface.

Below is a detailed description for our gravure printing machine

  • Automatic Cutter:
    This tool allows materials to be replaced automatically and continuously. It can not only enhance the working efficiency, but also reduce both the manpower costs and rejection rate.

  • Pivoting Unwind Stand:
    This device features double station, and comes with the pre-drive system. It allows easy, automatic replacement of material roll.

  • Dancer Arm (Pivot Frame for Dancer Roll):
    The dancer arm is used to control the tension automatically. The unwind tension can be detected.

  • When only used for the 7-motor type product, the unwinding system makes use of 2 vector motors. The tension control system features high precision, and the working efficiency can be enhanced. This device can be applied in the B, C or E series rotogravure printing machine. The E series product adopts the externally-built unwinding and rewinding system.

  • Unwind Traction Motor Only Used for the 7-Motor Type Product: This motor is coordinated with the dancer arm to realize the closed-loop tension control process, and also provide stable tension.

  • Gearbox:
    All gears are processed by the gear grinding machine, which offers high-precision transmission and smooth operation.

  • Gravure Cylinder:
    This device is installed by utilizing cone top and no shaft. Then, the gravure can be mounted fast and accurately. Additionally, the time for installing the printing plate can be greatly reduced.

  • Doctor Blade and Movement:
    The two-axle doctor blade performs very well. The doctor blade movement is controlled by the stand-alone worm gear speed reducer. The shifting velocity can be adjusted.

  • Compensating Roller:
    This roller is controlled by the precision ball screw. The guide roller moves downward to ensure precise color registration in color printing.

  • Drying Oven:
    The drying oven is specially constructed, thus making sure that all air nozzles can offer equal air volume and air pressure, as well as superb drying effect.

  • Adjustable Guide Roller:
    This roller can compensate for the deviation of the material transferred, which allows each color to overlap the others precisely during color printing.

  • Guide Roller:
    The guide roller adopts the threaded guide tube, and it has undergone the dynamic balancing process. Then, the film can be transferred smoothly.

  • Received-material Observation Board:
    The board of our gravure printing machine gives convenience for observing the printing effect.
  • Dryer:
    Built outside the main printer, the drying system comes with the secondary air return system, which can save great energy and also protect environment.