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Quality Control

Our professional purchasers are capable of selecting the most suitable components from our dependable suppliers. In Wenzhou City, there is an entire packaging-equipment industry chain, accompanied with complete accessories. Therein, we can purchase all components required by printing equipment, which helps us save much cost.

Some components suppliers have cooperated with our company since inception. These components are not allowed to enter the warehouse, until their performance and quality get approved. We pay much attention to the quality of our components, so all components are in stock. This can guarantee both the delivery date of new orders and the machine components which are required to be replaced by our customers.

1. We operate and maintain a processing workshop, which is outfitted with an array of machinery including the gantry milling machine, external grinding machine, flat grinding machine, planing machine, wire cutting machine, and more.

2. All our workers are licensed and highly trained to operate these machines. With abundant working experience, they stay up to date on the latest machining technology. Additionally, our company organizes our staff to receive training at regular intervals.

3. Beyond that, our equipment is tested regularly, so as to make sure that no quality problem will occur. In this way, both delivery date and quality of our products will not be affected.

4. All our workers must wear uniform and other safety features during operation. Due to our standardized production process and management control mechanism, the quality of our products can be well guaranteed.