Add.: Qianbu Industrial Area, Xincheng Street, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China
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Company Visit

Welcome to Zhejiang Fangbang Machinery Co., Ltd.

Fangbang Machinery was incorporated within the Qianbu Industrial Zone of Ruian City in 1999. Our company is known for the design, engineering and manufacturing of flexible packaging machinery. We have been devoted to the R&D, fabrication and sales of diversified equipment for many years.

Office Building and Office
We have two office buildings. The one on the left comprises the meeting room, negotiation area, finance office, after-sales department, and the general manager’s office. The other one on the right contains the domestic and overseas sales department. The annual sales volume of tens of millions yuan is created by this young, passionate team. Moreover, the ministry of personnel, procurement department, as well as the design and R&D department and other work gather together in this building on the right.

1. The workshop on the first floor is mainly responsible for the production of gravure printing machines, as well as the processing of dry laminating machines and accessories. The workshop on the second floor is primarily dedicated to making flexo printing machines.

2. We have an independent spray booth, the roller accessories room, and the bench drill. The fully welded iron castings are first put into the sand-blasting machine for surface treatment. Then, they are sent to the spray booth for undergoing the paint spraying process.

3. Walk to the left side of the gate of the main workshop, and go upstairs to the 2nd floor. You will find the base used for the production of slitter rewinder, as well as the welding of both fans and housings of the gravure printing machine.

4. The workshop on the third floor is utilized to display the finished slitting and rewinding machine. It is adjacent to the electrical control room and the warehouse. Our company has a professional team which can manufacture the electrical cabinet. The warehouse is assembled with thousands of accessories. We assign the warehousemen to assemble all components of each machine.

Transport and Logistics
Our company normally adopts FOB as the trading method. After the container is sent to the factory, a gravure printing machine usually requires 2 cabinets with the height of 40 feet. A skillful cabinet-loading team has 8 years of working experience. Thus, this team can work highly efficiently to pile up the cargos tidily, and make full use of space to complete the whole cabinet loading process for two and a half hours estimated.