Bag Making Machine

    1. T-Shirt Bag Making MachineThe renowned-brand frequency control system can work smoothly. It is provided with the direct current control system, or various protective functions such as the non-scheduled current load, over-current, under-voltage, and more. Additionally, this machine can stop working automatically in case of overload.
    1. DFL Bags-on-Roll Making MachineThe electronic eye tracking technology is adopted to guarantee the precise position of the pattern printed on the bag. The length of a bag can be adjusted by a computer numerical control system upon request. Once a problem occurs during the printed bag making process
    1. GJHD Vest Carrier Bag Making MachineThe length is fixed through a microcomputer, thus providing small error. With a high degree of automation, the whole machine is extremely ideal for the production of various flexible packaging plastics, such as the white bags, colorful bags, plain clear bags, vest carrier bags, and some others.
    1. FQU Dome Shrink Bag Making MachineThe length can be fixed arbitrarily. The photo-electric tracking technology allows the step length to be tracked accurately and smoothly. The material is transferred by adoption of the photo-electric control system.
    1. YTQB-700/800 Bubble Bag Making MachineAdditionally, this product is really convenient to be used. It is also flexible and smooth to be adjusted. By adoption of the PLC system and human-computer interface, our equipment allows the production process to be fully automated.