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Bubble Bag Making Machine

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Product Information

This YTQB-700/800 bubble bag making machine enables the bag to be firmly sealed. It features gorgeous appearance, great carrying capacity, as well as ultra high production efficiency. Additionally, this product is really convenient to be used. It is also flexible and smooth to be adjusted. By adoption of the PLC system and human-computer interface, our equipment allows the production process to be fully automated.

Main Technical Parameters
Model Max. Width (mm) Max. Length (mm) Production Capacity (pcs/min) Power (kW) Weight (t)
YTQB-700 700 800 20-120 3.2 1.5


1. Our bubble bag making machine is under centralized control, which comes with the high-quality PLC system and human-computer interface. It features stable performance, and also gives much convenience for operation and maintenance.

2. All parameters are displayed in real time by means of the human-computer interface. Numerous parameters can be preset, such as the bag-making speed, bag length, temperature, count, end-product delivery, and some others.

3. Moreover, this bubble bag making machine takes advantage of the LPC automatic deviation rectifying system, photo-electric tracking system, constant tension control system, as well as the AC variable frequency drive for automatic feeding at constant speed.

4. The superior-quality double servo motor serves to control the material pulling system.

5. The upper and lower cover sealing is driven by the AC variable frequency motor.

6. Due to the adoption of the PID temperature controller, the temperature is adjustable from zero to 300 degrees Celsius, which features non-contact, automatic control. In addition, it can be set by means of the human-computer interface.

7. The temperature is under the centralized control of a computer.

8. Beyond that, this bubble film bag making machine is installed with the static electricity elimination device.

9. Working Mode: In use of our product, the bag produced has fixed length, which is supported by the photo-electric tracking technology.

10. Punching Method: The punching process can be set to be continuous, intermittent, or over. The punching time can be preset.

11. Batch Delivery: The workbench can offer the function of batch delivery. The batch quantity can be preset.

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