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Vest Carrier Bag Making Machine

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Product Information

This GJHD vest carrier bag making machine is a computerized product with high speed. It comes with the automatic photo-electric tracking system. The length is fixed through a microcomputer, thus providing small error. With a high degree of automation, the whole machine is extremely ideal for the production of various flexible packaging plastics, such as the white bags, colorful bags, plain clear bags, vest carrier bags, and some others.

Main Technical Data
Max. Bag Width 500mm 800mm
Max. Bag Length 1200mm 1200mm
Max. Bag-making Speed 30-120pcs/min 30-120pcs/min
Film Thickness 0.008-0.15mm 0.008-0.15mm
Motor Power 4kW 4.5kW
Supply Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Heater Voltage 110V 110V
Overall Dimension 3600x1200x1700mm 3600x1500x1700mm


1. In use of our vest carrier bag making machine, all kinds of plastic film bags will go through the continuous and automatic bottom-sealing, point-cutting, and bag-making process. Furthermore, two production lines can work simultaneously for making the plastic film bags without color printing.

2. This machine is designed with the automatic photo-electric control and feeding system, constant temperature control system, static electricity elimination device, automatic counter, and the warning system. The bag making process is fully automated. Other striking advantages include the convenient operation, stable performance, and the high fastness of sealed bottom. Therefore, our product is perfect for producing both garbage bags and freezer bags.

3. Moreover, our vest carrier bag making machine has multiple functions. Its point cutter can be disassembled, and the rewind platform can substitute for the rewind device. Then, this product is able to manufacture plain clear bags and vest carrier bags.

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