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Bags-on-Roll Making Machine

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Product Information

Our DFL roll bag making machine is a dual-use product specially designed for making plain clear bags and vest carrier bags. Its stepper, servo, and fixed-length control system is computerized, thus resulting in the small error of the cutting size.

The electronic eye tracking technology is adopted to guarantee the precise position of the pattern printed on the bag. The length of a bag can be adjusted by a computer numerical control system upon request. Once a problem occurs during the printed bag making process, our machine will stop working automatically, and then blare out a warning. The DFL roll bag making machine is ideal for producing the high-low pressure vest carrier bags, plain clean bags, sanitary towel bags, and the refuse bags.

Production Process
Automated Feeding Control – Guiding – Heat Sealing and Dotted-line Making – Rewinding and Roll Changing

Main Specifications
Model DFL-500 DFL-600 DFL-700 DFL-800
Max. Bag Width 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm
Max. Cutting Length 1999mm 1999mm 1999mm 1999mm
Production Capacity 30~140pcs/min 30~140pcs/min 30~140pcs/min 30~140pcs/min
Total Power 3.2kW 3.4kW 3.6kW 4.2kW
Machine Weight 650kg 750kg 800kg 900kg
Overall Dimension 3550x900x1500mm 3550x100x1500mm 3550x1100x1500mm 3550x1200x1500mm


1. Our DFL roll bag making machine is equipped with the photoelectric control system for unwinding and rewinding. The color-patch optoelectronic tracking system allows the color printing of patterns to be accurate. This machine can stop working automatically, when the color patch is missed.
2. In addition, this product is designed with the double-station unwind and rewind unit, as well as the two-station sealing unit.
3. Beyond that, our product is controlled by a microcomputer, and driven by a stepper motor. The length and amount of sheets can be set at will.

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