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High Speed Slitter Rewinder

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Product Information

Main Technical Parameters
Model FQ-G1300B
Thickness of Sliced Material 0.012-0.15mm
Max. Width of Substrate 1300mm
Max. Unwind Diameter 700mm
Slitting Width Range 50-700mm
Max. Rewind Diameter 480mm
Diameter of Roll Core of Substrate 76mm and 152mm
Max. Mechanical Speed 400m/min
Max. Slitting Speed 350m/min
Total Power of Machine 12kW
Machine Weight 3600kg
Overall Dimension 2000*3200*1700mm

Picture of Finished Product

Picture of Stretching the Film

Description of High Speed Slitter Rewinder

Description of High Speed Slitter Rewinder
1. Our FQ-GB series high speed slitting and rewinding machine is built to slit and trim various materials according to different requirements. It works great with all kinds of material rolls, such as BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper, and some others.

2. This machine is characterized by ultra high speed and stable tension. Its maximum slitting speed reaches 350m/min. Through dynamic balancing treatment, the guide roller used can not only guarantee the low moment of inertia, but also be conducive to the tension system.

3. All our workers go on duty with certificates. Moreover, we organize workers to receive training at regular intervals, and also learn from our competitors within the same industry.

4. The framework of our machine is constructed from castings, and also undergoes aging treatment. It is provided with stable performance and small deformation.

5. The primary unwind unit adopts the automatic deviation rectifying device, which allows the material to be pretty organized, and also well guarantees the slitting quality.

6. For being better adapted to distinct equipment, our high speed slitting and rewinding machine puts to use two different slitting methods, including the art-knife slitting type and the circular-knife slitting type. In this way, our product is able to slit the film materials of different thickness.

Properties and Features
1. Inside our high speed slitting and rewinding machine, the electrical control system is controlled by the PLC system. Based on the specific slitting requirement, a touch screen is used to set the slitting parameters. The LCD display can control the operating status. The control system is really convenient to operate. It gives such functions as the soft start, fixed-length count, and more.

2. By adoption of the automatic tension control system, the unwind tension is able to keep constant. Also, this system can realize the taper tension control according to technical requirements. Imported from Japan MITSUHASHI, the LPC photoelectric automatic alignment system can track edge or line automatically so as to guarantee the correct position of the material transferred.

3. The raw material is loaded or unloaded in use of the pneumatic-opening type shaftless clamping and hydraulic lifting structure.

4. The main transmission and rewind unit are respectively driven by two vector frequency inverters. The rewind tension is automatically controlled by the PLC system in use of the digitized taper method. Then, both parameters and the variation of rewind diameter can be set on basis of the slitting requirement.

5. Beyond that, our high speed slitting and rewinding machine is designed with the differential air shaft, which can be accustomed to the slitting of the materials of uneven thickness.

Slitter Rewinder Parts Explained
  • Transmission of the High Speed Slitting and Rewinding Machine: Our product is driven by the variable frequency motor, and adopts the synchronous belt transmission method. The transmission is precise and steady, which can guarantee the stable tension of the whole equipment.

  • Unwind of the High Speed Slitting and Rewinding Machine: The unwind unit is driven by the variable frequency motor. The material roll is loaded or unloaded hydraulically.

  • The Driving Roller of the High Speed Slitter: The drying roller is controlled by the stand-alone variable frequency motor with high control precision.

  • Rewind Unit of the High Speed Slitter Rewinder: The rewind unit adopts the differential air shaft, which allows the rewind tension to be adjusted automatically.

  • Differential Air Shaft of the High Speed Slitter Rewinder: The shaft is perfect in workmanship.

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