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    1. GF-A Dry Laminating MachineThe gluing and laminating processes take advantage of the dual motor, which allows the dual frequency to be varied synchronously, and also substitutes for the conventional shaft transmission structure.
    1. GF-AC Dry Laminating Machine Our GF-AC series dry laminating machine is a cost-effective product with the maximum laminating speed of 130m/min.Its drying oven is 9m long, which is longer than that of the traditional laminator. For this reason, our product can offer more thorough drying and higher laminating speed.
    1. GF-C Dry Laminating MachineIn use of this product, the web can be replaced automatically. Our machine can work continuously, and then save much labor cost and time. Also, it can offer ultra high speed, and then greatly improve the working efficiency.
    1. GF-D Dry Laminating MachineIt is also applied in the production of high-quality packaging materials which require for high strength, superb freshness protection, strong steam resistance, and some others. This system is a high-speed machine, and its maximum laminating speed reaches up to 180m/min.

Dry Laminating Machine

The dry laminating machine is really one of the workhorses behind the packaging industry, producing a variety of tightly-bonded laminates, such as the plastic laminate, paper-plastic laminate, paper laminate, and the aluminum foil laminate, among various others.

Its prolonged drying system comes with 3 or 4 separate drying ovens, each of which offers a different drying temperature. In this way, various technical requirements can be fully satisfied. Moreover, the dry laminating machine is equipped with a set of automatic deviation correction device, which allows the material to be organized before being laminated.

Beyond that, our machine features high pressure of lamination. It is designed with three different rollers, including the backpressure roller, composite rubber roller, and the composite steel roller. Under condition of high-pressure lamination, the roller deforms slightly, and the pressure is uniform. The composite rubber roller can offer superb rigidity. It will not bend or deform easily. After the lamination process is completed, both a cooling roller and a heater roller are adopted for achieving better compound effect.

Introduction to Parts of the Dry Laminating Machine

  • Doctor Blade:
    This doctor blade serves to scrape adhesive. It comes with the horizontal movement function.

  • Adhesive Application:
    Our laminator adopts the anilox roller for glue application.

  • Drying Oven:
    This drying oven has three sections. The temperature in each section is independently controlled to meet the requirements of our customers for the drying process.

  • The Secondary Unwind:
    This dry laminating machine is provided with the double-station unwind system and automatic tension control system.

  • Lamination:
    Three rollers are applied to the lamination process, including the pneumatic back roller, composite rubber roller, and the composite steel roller. Under condition of high-pressure lamination, the roller does not deform easily, and the pressure is uniform. Additionally, the composite rubber roller features nice rigidity. It is hard to be bent or deform.

  • Rewind:
    The rewinding process is supported by a magnetic powder clutch, which can provide stable tension.

  • Unwind Stand:
    The unwinding process takes advantage of the double-station turnover stand.