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Dry Laminating Machine

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Product Information

Our GF-D series dry laminating machine is ideal for the double-layer repeated lamination of different film material rolls, such as BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, paper sheet, and more. It is also applied in the production of high-quality packaging materials which require for high strength, superb freshness protection, strong steam resistance, and some others. This system is a high-speed machine, and its maximum laminating speed reaches up to 180m/min. We can supply the machine of different performance, which can meet various procurement requirements.

Main Technical Parameters
Type GF-1050D GF-1250D
Max. Laminating Width 1000mm 1200mm
Max. Web Width 1050mm 1250mm
Max. Laminating Speed 180m/min 180m/min
Max. Mechanical Speed 200m/min 200m/min
Max. Diameter of Material Roll Φ600mm Φ600mm
Max. Diameter of Rewinding Φ800mm Φ800mm
Internal Diameter of Roll Core Φ76mm Φ76mm
Length of Drying Channel 12000mm 12000mm
Power of Drying Channel 180kW 180kW
Total Power 263kW 268kW
Weight of Machine 20000kg 20000kg
Overall Dimension 12500*4750*4200mm 16700*4950*4200mm

Picture of Stretching the Film

Performance and Features

1. This dry laminating machine is controlled by the programmable logic controller (PLC), thus providing pretty stable and reliable operation.

2. It also adopts a 10.4inch LCD touch screen as the human-computer interface.
3. Nine superior-quality vector motors are controlled synchronously.

4. Both anilox roller and doctor blade are applied to the coating process. The anilox roller is provided with multiple types of coating weight for option.

5. The material roll can be changed automatically, by adoption of the double-station unwind turnover system, the EPC automatic deviation rectifying system, as well as the automatic cutting system. Before the lamination process is conducted, our dry laminating machine is equipped with the single-station unwind unit dedicated for aluminum foil.

6. Moreover, the material roll can be replaced continuously, in use of the double-station rewind turnover system, the pre-drive function, and the automatic cutting system.

7. Beyond that, this series dry laminating machine comes with the movable type doctor blade and the pneumatic backpressure unit.

8. Its closed-circulation type drying oven is composed of four stand-alone sections. Additionally, this product adopts the independent air supply and heating system, as well as the automatic temperature control system.

9. The drying oven can be opened pneumatically, and an operating platform is used for stretching the film. The guide roller inside the drying oven can work synchronously.

10. Our product is also designed with the substrate preheating unit and the finished-product water cooling unit.

11. The air shaft for unwinding and rewinding is also built in this series dry laminating machine.

12. Due to the adoption of three rollers, the laminator can offer pretty uniform pressure and high fastness of complex.

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