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GF-C Dry

Laminating Machine

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Product Information

This GF-C series dry laminating machine is designed with the maximum laminating speed of up to 130m/min. Its automation degree is higher than the A or AC series machine. In use of this product, the web can be replaced automatically. Our machine can work continuously, and then save much labor cost and time. Also, it can offer ultra high speed, and then greatly improve the working efficiency.

Main Technical Data
Model GF-650C GF-850C GF-1050C
Max. Width of Substrate 650mm 850mm 1050mm
Max. Laminating Speed 130m/min 130m/min 130m/min
Max. Diameter of Unwind and Rewind 600mm 600mm 600mm
Diameter of Roll Core of Substrate 76mm 76mm 76mm
Length of Drying Oven 9000mm 9000mm 9000mm
Heating Power of Drying Oven 54kW 63kW 72kW
Total Power of Machine 74kW 83kW 92kW
Machine Weight 8000kg 9000kg 10000kg
Overall Dimension 11000*2300*3100mm 11000*2500*3100mm 11000*2700*3100mm
Product Details
Type Laminating machine
Condition New
Place of Origin Zhejiang Province, China (Mainland)
Brand Name
Model Name GF-650C/850C/1050C
  • Picture of Stretching the Film
  • Picture of Finished Product

Properties and Characteristics

1. Our dry laminating machine is divided into three sections, and all sections take advantage of the constant tension control system.

2. The three-roller lamination method is conducive to rather uniform pressure and pretty high fastness of lamination.

3. For better compound effect, this product is installed with the substrate preheating unit and the end-product cooling unit.

4. Laminating and coating of the main machine requires the dual-shaft synchronization, which is achieved by the frequency converter.

5. The thickness of the glue coating is optional in accordance with the doctor blade and the anilox roller.

6. Beyond that, this series dry laminating machine is equipped with the movable type doctor blade, as well as the pneumatic backpressure device.

7. The double-station unwind turnover stand enables the web to be replaced unceasingly. The double-station rewind turnover stand can offer the automatic splicing function. Tension can be preset for the purpose of changing the shaft.

8. The unwind unit puts to use the automatic deviation rectifying system.

9. The air shaft is used for unwinding and rewinding.

10. Furthermore, our dry laminating machine adopts the operating platform for stretching film. The drying oven can be opened pneumatically. Inside the drying oven, the guide roller can work synchronously.

11. The warm air heating system is installed with the heating pipe. It has three sections which can work independently at constant temperature. Additionally, the air suction and exhaust device provides the air intake and exhaust with ultra strong power, thus ensuring thorough drying. The external-heating circulation is available.

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