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    1. High-Speed Flexo Printing MachineIts maximum printing speed reaches 150m/min. This machine adopts the flexible photosensitive resin and the rubber as the substrate. It depends on the anilox roller to transfer the ink, and the liquid ink is utilized to print the printing stock.

Flexo Printing Machine

The flexo printing machine is available in two types, the first being a high-speed one at 150m/min, as contrasted to 50m/min offered with the other type. This flexographic printing press is commonly used as the inline printing machine. Its printing plate is extruded from photosensitive resin.

Uses for Flexo Printing Press
This flexo printing machine is suitable for printing a variety of packaging materials including the web, cellophane, and the polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) bags, among others. It is an ideal printing press in diversified industries, such as the food packaging paper, supermarket carrier bags, T-shirt bags, garment bags, and more.

Classifications of Flexo Printing Machine
Different models can print with a specific number of colors, including the double color, four-color, and six-color. These three types look and weigh differently. In addition, their drying oven can offer distinct heating power. The six-color type machine delivers the highest heating power. Its total power is also ultra high. However, both its color registration accuracy and velocity are the same as those of the other two types.

Please come to see the technical parameters of the product of different types for more detailed information. Then, our customers may easily find the most suitable flexo printer. If our clients have any problem, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us.

Performance and Characteristics of Flexo Printing Machine
1. This flexographic printing machine features simple operation, soft start-up, and accurate overprint.
2. Our product comes with a meter counter, which allows the printing quantity to be set upon request. In addition, this counter can stop working automatically, when reaching a preset number or cutting the raw material.
3. The plate cylinder is pneumatically operated. By moving up and down, it enables the ink to be stirred automatically.
4. The flexographic printing machine depends on the anilox roller to transfer ink. The ink features uniform color.
5. The reliable drying system operates at high speed.
6. The longitudinal register system is adjustable at 360 degrees continuously.
7. Owing to the variable frequency, our flexo printing press can be adapted to different printing speed.
8. Both roller base and rewinding stand are installed with the buttons for "Jog" and "Stop", which gives convenience for operating the machine while installing the printing plate.
9. The unwinding tension is controlled by the magnetic powder brake, and the rewinding tension is controlled by the magnetic powder clutch.
10. The two-station unit is applied to the unwinding and rewinding process.